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John | 17th Dec 2011, 16:49 PM | HKDSE/ALE英文作文用語/句子 | (3043 Reads)


1.          The doctor found him to have a fatty liver.(醫生發現他有脂肪肝。)

2.          He developed fever, a sore throat and diarrhea and consulted a doctor. His temperature was 41⁰C。(她發燒喉痛肚瀉,就去看醫生。他的體溫41度。)

3.          He developed/had a fever and cough but recovered.(他發燒咳嗽,但康復了。).

fever可以是uncountable nouncountable noun,在第2句,fever當作uncountable,不用「a」。在第3句,fever當作countable,用「a」。

4.          (a) She got a cold.(她傷風) (b) She could not urinate 小便不通and had a bloated stomach. 胃脹. (c) She was born with Down syndrome.唐氏綜合症(d) Last year, the doctor said that I would have had only weeks to live, but I am here now.(去年,醫生說我只有幾個星期壽命,但我現在活着。)

5.          She has got a blister on her left hand.(她左手有個水皰。)

6.          She has got/caught (the) flu.(她患了流行性感冒

Flu = influenza,但比influenza通行。

7.          She’s got jetlag after an 18-hour flight.(她搭完十八小時的飛機,有飛行時差反應。)

8.          I feel/I am a bit under the weather.(我身體不適。/我心情不好。)

9.          My doctor said I was looking run-down and ought to take some time to rest.(醫生說我看來工作過勞,要找時間休息。)

run-down不是noun,而是一個用作complement的形容詞,前面直接接lookfeel等動詞。如第9句,又如這句:I’m feeling really run-down

10.      Mr. Tung resigned because his feet hurt.(董生因為腳痛下台)(註:hurtpast tensepast participle都是hurted。)

11.      I’ve got a soft throat – it’s agony every time I swallow.(我喉痛,每次吞東西下咽都痛。)

12.      I had a terrible hangover the next morning.hangover→宿醉,酒醒後的頭痛和不適。

13.      He's always short of breath when she climbs the stairs.(他上樓梯後經常氣喘。)


14.      What are the symptoms?(有何病徴?)

15.      Last night, my father suffered oozing of blood from the lips and tongue.  He went to the A & E department of Kwong Wah Hospital and was immediately admitted for further testing for underlying disorders. (昨天,我爸爸唇舌滲血。他走到廣華醫院急症室,醫生立刻收他入院,進一步檢查滲血背後的病因。)

16.      My boyfriend was undergoing hospital tests for lung infection after suffering from hemoptysis.(我男友咯血後,昨晚在醫院接受肺部感染檢查。)

17.      (a) C.Y. Leung was vomiting (up) blood.振英同志嘔血(b) Henry Tang came home drunk and vomited all over the parlour floor.(唐唐醉酒回家,嘔到成個廳都係。)

18.      She was yesterday in isolation at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. / She was yesterday put in an isolation ward at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.(她昨天住進伊利莎伯醫院的隔離病房。)

19.      (a) She was last night in the intensive care unitICUof Princess Margaret Hospital. (她昨晚在瑪麗醫院的深切治療部。)(b) She was discharged from hospital last year and has fully recovered.(她上星期出院,現在已經完全康復。)


20.      The hotel/school was closed over the weekend for disinfection.(酒店/學校周末關閉進行消毒

21.      If we keep good personal hygiene, the chance of getting infection is quite minuscule/minimal.(如果我們注重個人衛生,感染傳染病的可能性很低。) 

22.      After inspection, Centre for Health Protection officers have found symptoms of bird flu among the chickens in a chicken farm in Yuen Long.  The farm is currently put under enhanced surveillance while arrangements are being made to slaughter all chickens .衛生防護中心人員檢查後發現,元朗一個雞場的雞有禽流感病徵。現正加強監視雞場,同時安排宰殺全部雞隻。)

23.      The hotel/school was closed over the weekend for disinfection.(酒店/學校周末關閉進行消毒

24.      Non-communicable diseases have risen rapidly in Hong Kong because of environmental and individual factors such as obesity, poor diet, little physical activity and exposure to polluted air. Improving public health requires the Government to step in and co-ordinate health policies.(香港的非傳染疾病急速上升,原因是各種環境和個別因素,例如過胖、膳食惡劣、缺乏運動和接觸污染空氣。改善公眾健康需要政府介入,協調衛生政策。)


25.      The specialist diagnosed skin cancer.(醫生診斷是皮膚癌。)

26.      Take the painkiller if needed.(止痛藥需要時服。)

27.      Take the tab/pill three times daily or every six hours after meal.(藥丸每日服三次或六小時服一次,飽肚食。)

28.      Make sure you drink plenty of water.  Otherwise, you’ll get dehydrated. 缺水

29.      Go straight to bed for a couple of hours, then get back to your normal sleeping pattern tonight.

30.      You look exhausted(疲倦).  You have been working too hard recently.  If you don’t slow down a bit, you’ll make yourself ill. 


1.          a mosquito bite (蚊釘)

2.          a runny nose(流鼻水);

3.          abdominal pain(肚痛);

4.          an allergy(敏感。留意allergy之前一定要有an或一個determinerallergy之後用to,例如an allergy to pollen,對花粉的敏感。);

5.          avian influenza(禽流感);

6.          blister(水皰);

7.          breast cancer(乳癌)(Do girls with bigger breasts have a higher chance of getting/developing breast cancer?(大胸脯的女生是否較容易患上乳癌?));

8.          bronchitis(支氣管焱);

9.          chicken pox(水痘);

10.      diabetes(唐尿病);

11.      dizziness / (feel) dizzy(頭暈眼花);

12.      food poisoning(食物中毒);

13.      hemophilia(血友病;流血後難以止血的病);

14.      hypertension(高血壓);

15.      indigestion(消化不良);

16.      itch(癢)

17.      measles(麻疹。留意measles是一定有「s」的,measlesuncountable noun,用單數動詞。);

18.      nose-bleeding(流血); (七孔流血是blood oozing/gushing from the seven orifices);

19.      pneumonia(肺炎);

20.      red rash(紅疹); 

21.      rheumatism(風濕)and arthritis(關節焱)

22.      SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome)(沙士);

23.      seasick(暈船浪)

24.      sneezing(噴嚏);

25.      sore throat(喉痛); sore back(背痛); low back pain(腰痛);

26.      stomach-ache(胃痛);

27.      syphilis(梅毒);

28.      tummy trouble(胃痛);

29.      venereal disease(性病);

30.      venereal warts(椰菜花;性病疣)。  


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