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John | 18th Sep 2011, 15:13 PM | HKDSE/ALE英文作文用語/句子 | (909 Reads)

Hong Kong veteran actress1 Deanie Yip won the best actress award in the Venice Film Festival in 2011, which is a first for a Hong Kong actor / actress2.  While the accolade3 has boosted the morale4 of film industry workers5, some deplore6 the diminishing size7 of the Hong Kong film Industry.  Write a letter to your school magazine discussing ways to revitalize8 the industry.

1 veteran actress 資深女演員
2 a first for a Hong Kong actor/actress 香港演員第一次得到這個獎項
3 accolade 嘉獎
4 boost the morale 振奮士氣
5 film industry workers 電影從業員
6 deplore 痛惜
7 revitalize 振興

 這篇博不會整篇文章出,但會提供一些思路和有用的句子。 可以考慮這樣開始嗎?

I often ask my friends whether our society and government should help develop the Hong Kong film industry.  The answer is invariably yes.  I then ask “So what should we do to aid the Hong Kong dream factory?”  The answer is invariably a series of ums and ahs.

 你會談一談Deanie 姐得獎的事嗎?
1.      Deanie Ip's portrayal of a servant in Ann Hui On-wah's A Simple Life won her the best actress award in the Venice Film Festival.

2.      Isabella Leong won the Best Actress Award in Fantasporto in 2006 for her portrayal of a teen girl in the film Isabella.

3.      Based on real people and events, A Simple Life features8 the story of Ah Tao, a servant who has been serving 60 years for four generations of a family, and her young master.

4.      The film is about teenage stupidity8a.
5.      The film is about love, lust9 and infidelity10.
6.      The film is about change, reflection, and ultimate responsibility, but peppered with11 poignancy12 and plenty of13 laughs.
7.      The film is a human, universal story suitable for all ages13a, and peppered with moments of13 surprise or humor.
8.      Spider Lilies(刺青), starred by14 Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong, is a film about lesbian relationships15.

8 to feature something 主要講述something;最重要的特點是something
8a teenage stupidity IQ愚笨時
9 lust肉慾
10 infidelity 不忠
11 is peppered with somethinghas a lot of something=充滿着
12 poignancy 辛辣
13 留意 plenty of laughs moments of surprise or humor的用法
13a suitable for all ages 老少咸宜
14 starred by A→A主演
15 lesbian relationships 女同性戀關係

 快要轉到應該做些甚麽來幫助香港的第八藝術了,可以考慮寫句話概述the film industry,或者可有可無地加句很多「美少女」想投身影圈,然後說到「好戲」需要「好戲本」、「好的工作人員」和「好的投資者」(錢!funding!),而香港電影有過輝煌成就,那麽,要做甚麽幫助我們的第八藝術似乎呼之欲出了,我們有好的人才嗎?有足夠的fundinginvestment(但這段未寫出上面的藍色,留待下段寫) 

9.      The film industry is said to be a dream factory16, in which directors, screenwriters and other industry workers aspires to materialize their dreams17 on the screen for the audience.
10.  Many petite beauties18 aspire19 to join the film industry and become starlets.
11.  A good film would need a good script, a good director, good actors, and, equally important, a good investor.
12.  The Hong Kong film industry has won a number of top awards in international film festivals.

16 a dream factory 夢工
17 materialize their dream完夢
18 petite beauties 美少女
19 aspire 渴望


13.  (However,) the Hong Kong film industry is diminishing in size20, which is demonstrative of21 the grave problem22 it is facing.
14.  (Indeed) The acute problem is rooted deeply in23 a sharp and substantial shrinkage24 of size, resources, investment, film audience, and market share.
15.  Industry workers complain that the government is disrespecting the industry25, which means indifference26 and reluctance to grant funding to small budget films27.
16.  Industry insiders opine that the government should allocate more funding28 to reinvigorate the once-vibrant Hong Kong film industry28a.
17.  Investors put too much emphasis on starring cast29 and profit/return.  Few of them will look for good scripts30 and see beyond the box-office gain31 when investing.

20 is diminishing in size規模縮減,留意in size這個prepositional phrase修飾動詞is diminishing
21 demonstrative of 顯示
22 a grave problem 嚴重問題
23 is rooted deeply in is caused by差不多,但用詞遠比is caused by
24 shrinkage 縮水;萎縮
25 disrespect an industry不尊重一個行業
26 indifference 漠不關心
27 small budget films 小成本製作
28 allocate more funding 更多資助撥款
28a reinvigorate the once-vibrant Hong Kong film industry 復興一度生氣勃勃香港電影業
29 starring cast 明星卡士(例如張柏芝一部戲收1,500萬,製作費幾乎都放在明星身上)
30 good scripts 好劇本
31 box office gain票房收益(留意see beyond的用法see beyond A考慮A以外的事情)


18.  The film industry is part of a constantly evolving creative media environment32 in which talent counts the most33.
19.  Our main issue / problem is that we don't have enough talent. And the film industry lacks an environment / a place / a platform where new blood34 could practice, experiment and hone their skills34a.
20.  In fact, directors who work on non-mainstream subjects35 and address meaningful local social issues36 contribute greatly to37 the film industry.
21.  If the Hong Kong film industry wants to break into the international arena38, we should draw nutrients from the local society39 by exploring local themes and developing a new generation of fresh talent.

32 a constantly evolving creative media environment 不斷演化的創意媒體環境
33 talent counts the most 人才最重要(註:talent解作「人才」時,用單數,talents解作「一種才藝/天份」,用單數,例如Her talent for music… ,若解作「多種才藝/天份」,可用眾數,例如Her artistic talents were wasted in his bureaucratic job.
34 new blood 新血
34a hone somebody’s skills 改善 somebody的技巧
35 non-mainstream subjects 非主流課題
36 address meaningful local social issues 處理有意義的本地社會議題
37 contribute greatly to 有很大貢獻
38 break into the international arena 打入國際電影界
39 draw nutrients from the local society 從本地社會汲取養份

22.  As such, the government and society should come up with more ways to help young directors and scriptwriters/screenwriters increase exposure40 and develop their talent and skills.  For example, the government may provide a way for new / young directors to enter the film industry by allocating funding to set up a mentorship programme41.  Under the programme, two or three young directors may be paired with a seasoned42 director from whom they can receive help.  As new directors may not be able to handle a full feature film43, each of them may shoot44 a short film on the same theme and the short films put together can make a film.

40 increase exposure 增加接觸面
41 mentorship programme 老手帶新人的計劃
42 seasoned 久經考驗的
43 featured film長片
44 shoot 拍攝

23.  Given more collaborative efforts45 of society, the government and industry workers, the Hong Kong film industry will certainly find its way out to revival / success.

45 collaborative efforts 協力



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