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 ‘There are more disadvantages to using cyberspace than advantages.’ Do you agree? 


Useful Expressions

l   wall-scaling /scale the wall 翻牆

l   cyberbullying 網絡欺凌

l   cyberbullying incidentscyberbullies 網絡欺凌事件

l   cyberbullying campaign 網絡欺凌運動

l   cyberstalking 網絡狩獵(例如入侵別人的電腦,發放恐嚇、色性語句或圖片)

l   cyberharrassment 網絡騷擾

l   blog post 網誌文章

l   blog viewer 網誌瀏灠者

l   data mining / data dredging / data snooping 起底

l   Facebook demographics Facebook用家統計)

l   internet censorship 互聯網審查

l   internet filtering 互聯網過濾

l   internet monitoring 互聯網監控

l  internet predation 網絡狩獵

l   internet-savvy people 擅於使用互聯網的人

l  online victimization of minors 利用網絡侵害未成年人

l   page views 頁面瀏灠 / unique users 瀏灠人次

l   privacy proponent 擁護思隱權人士

l   registered users 註冊使用者/ active users 活躍使用者

l   social networking site 社交網站

l   spamming 發出互相網垃圾郵件

l   thumbnail /thumbnail photo Facebook或網誌上小圖)(題外話:倘報紙上一大照片裡再印一張小照片,例如大照片是某人和其他人飲酒,小圖是那人的臉面,這種小圖叫insert 

Data mining (起底)

l   The possibility of data mining remains open, as hackers are unable to use programs to crack passwords and steal personal details of cyberusers or alter information on users’ profiles from time to time.


l   Some employees view pornographic sites or surf the net during working hours, and not a few employees ban or monitor some cyberservices to discourage improper surfing.

Online predator(網絡狩獵者)

l   Online predation is the use of the internet by an adult user to take sexual advantage of children.


l   Some YouTube videos and blog posts are copyright infringing, although cyberservice providers are willing to take them down and always encourage users to report piracy.


l   Some unruly elements use the Internet to torment, humiliate or embarrass an individual or group, an activity known as cyberbullying.

Cyber communication leads to increasing self-centeredness and alienation(互聯網溝通導致自我中心和疏離)

l   Divorce rate is said to be higher for internal savvy people, and some people blame web sites or chat rooms for perfidy(夫妻之間的不忠), since chatrooms reunite friends and make it easier for unhappy husbands or wives to meet other people.  Besides, people work with computers for long hours even at home, without taking good care for their spouses and family affairs.

l   Cyberspace brings us together by enabling us to communicate in real time with anyone on the globe, but it also isolates us by reducing us as individuals staring into computer screens.

Disclosure of undesirable information(披露有人認為不當的資料)

l   Some individual cyber-service users publish in cyberspace prohibited or classified information, and repeatedly re-publish such information after they have been deleted by the service providers.  Some use chatrooms to market compensated dating or other undesirable activities.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to effectively police against such acts.

Internet filtering(互聯網過濾)

l   Major social networking websites are available to everyone having access to the Internet.  Such open nature is nightmare to totalitarian countries (極權國家) like China, Myanmar(緬甸), and North Korea, which therefore ban them or adopt internet-filtering rules to block unwelcome search results.


Parental care

l   Parents may surf the net with kids for the purpose of parent-child interaction and co-playing.


l   Companies try to generate a lot of buzz around their websites and products. (發聲吸引人注意網站或產品)Individuals may project images in Facebook to pave their career paths.(在Facebook投射有利職業生涯的形像)

Social networking + information sharing

l   A blogger is one who writes an on-line diary to the world.

l   A blog consists of a series of regular posts in reverse chronological order(由近及遠的年月日次序).

l   Virtual organization(虛擬組織法)enables people to work together/interact by electronic means so that problems may be solved/campaigns may be launched/mass actions may be organized without bringing people together face-to-face.

l   Twitter, email, instant messaging and facebook are free, popular and easy-to-use platforms which enable us to send unlimited messages.

l   Facebook and Twitter are two of the most powerful social networking services currently available. Their interfaces allow people to spread news and stimulate relevant discussion in one spot.

l   Groups are powerful tools for communicating and organizing, as everyone may join and create up to 200 Facebook Groups.

l   Groups are collections of users centered around shared interests (such as We don'topera), activities (such as anti-Express Rail Link demonstration), or common causes (相同的使命)(such as fighting for 2012 double universal suffrage).  Organizations also create Facebook Groups to promote brand presence. 

l   Twitter is built on the concept of “followers”.  It allows users to follow (subscribe) or unfollow (unsubscribe) other users’ tweets, and people may even tweet from a mobile phone while on the go today.  Tweeting is like having a conversation.

l   Podcasting (a hybrid (混種)of “iPod” and “broadcast”) has created a whole bunch of home-brew (自釀的或自我造就的)radio and TV stars who now have a route to an audience which was previously controlled by TV and radio networks.


We may reasonably expect cyberspace communication to produce significant changes in the way people think.

l   Cyberspace communication is a powerful tool for everyone.

l   People are willing to use cyberservices and take privacy risks online as long as they were informed of them.

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