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l  Demonstrators asked police to applyshow restraint. 示威者叫差人冷靜 The command post organizers asked demonstrators to applyshow restraint. 司令台/大會叫示威者冷靜。  

l  A short story:  As a show of their stance (表態)on the issue, the protestors charged at (衝)the railings (鐵馬)and broke through a police cordon(警方防線). The police panicked (驚惶失措)and used pepper spray (胡椒噴霧)without giving any warning.  Demonstrators flared up (群情洶湧)and shouted, "People's council; people's servants" (人民議會;人民公僕). Some police officers tried to block the building's doorway.  They beat the demonstrators, but righteousness prevailed in the end and 2,000 demonstrators successfully stormed into (衝入)the Legco building.  The meeting of the Finance Committee had to be stopped immediately (流會)and the funding proposal aborted(撥款胎死腹中).  The protestors' sacrifice touched the heart of Hong Kong people.  500,000 rushed to the aid (支援)of the protestors that evening and staged a sit-in protest in the surrounding streets against the prevailing injustice of society(五十萬人在立法會四周街道靜坐抗議社會公義不彰). On the following morning, the Chief Executive made a televised apology (電視直播道歉)to the public for the intentional use of excessive force against unarmed demonstrators(蓄意向手無吋鐵的示威者使用過度暴力)and stepped down(下台).

l pepper spray (胡椒噴霧)/ mysterious spray / Some demonstrators at the front were sprayed by police officers. / Demonstrators flared up (羣情洶湧)when policemen used pepper spray without giving any warning. 事先警告使用胡椒噴霧

l  The vote turned out as widely expected.

l  Filibuster (拉布)is a tactic adopted by the opposition minority in western democracies in a bid to block a proposal it dislikes.

l  It is not yet known whether the opposition lawmakers will follow through with their threat to seek a judicial review of the vote results.

l  Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen balked 不願;拒絕 at suggestions urging him to meet face-to-face with protesters.

l   報章對運輸及房屋事務局局長鄭汝華的各種稱呼Secretary for Transport and Housing Eva Cheng Yu-wah / Transport chief Eva Cheng Yu-wah Transport minister Eva Cheng Yu-wah

l  The scene outside the legislative building in the final hours before Saturday’s vote was nasty.  There was clearly discontent among the younger generation for everybody to see.

l  Facebook and Twitter are important internet platforms to reach the post-80s young adults, a generation no longer relying on established channels to let their thoughts be known.

l  Cyberspace provides new ground to young social activists.

l  non-mainstream media(非主流媒體)

l  public engagement 公眾參與 The Government should maintain transparency to engage the public 維持透明度以增加公眾參與.  

l  popularity rating 支持率 popularity figures of Directors of Bureaux under the accountability system (各問責長的支持率數字)

l  No one know how the new democracy movement will evolve don’t use develop! from this point on.

l  a politically polarized society of Chinese people (政治兩極化的華人社會)l  Legco siege (圍困立法會)/ a dozen thousands of protestors surrounding the Legco (包圍立法會的萬多名示威者)l  protestors (抗議者)/ anti-rail protesters (反高鐵人士)/ demonstrators (示威者)/ hunger-strikers (斷食者)/120-hour fast (一百二十小時斷食)/ After finishing their 120-hour fast, the hunger-strikers tucked (大吃) into congee dished up by the Choi Yuen villagers.

l  social activists 社運人士 young social activists 社運青年

l  Choi Yuen Village in Shek Kong (石崗菜園村)/ 菜園村的不同寫法Choi Yuen villagers / residents of Choi Yuen Tsuen / Choi Yuen Tsuen villagers The Choi Yuen Tsuen villagers are mostly non-indigenous residents who have been living there for more than 50 years.

l  八十後的不同寫法the post-80s / the bashi hou

l  the voice of people (人民聲音) the power of the people (人民力量)/ Long Live the Power of the People (人民力量萬歲)/ Long Long Live the Power of the People (人民力量萬萬歲)/Those in power drop dead now (當權者仆街!)

l  to fight village evictions (拆村抗爭)

l  vow揚言 allege

l  The government should beef up (加強) its consultation exercise abolish the functional constituency produce a roadmap for universal suffrage road-map (交出路線圖)

l  Cheng Yu-wah and all pro-establishment Legco members were stuck inside Lego for more than six hours. (鄭汝華和全部親建制議員被困立法會內六個多小時。)/A water bottle almost hit a shameless functional constituency lawmaker in the head as he was trying to sneak off to the Central MTR. 一個水瓶幾乎擊中一名功能組別無耻議員的頭部,他當時想溜進中環地鐵站。

l  Anti-express Rail Link Alliance members 反高鐵停撥款大聯盟成員 Rail Link Alliance members (撑高鐵大聯盟成員)

l  an outdoor live broadcast of the Legislative Council finance committee meeting (戶外直播站法會財委會會議)

l  social mobility (社會流動性)

l  wealth gap (貧富差距)/ Hong Kong has the widest wealth gap in the world, with the Gini Index (堅尼係數)reaching a score of 43.4.

l  Social cleavage (社會分歧;社會撕裂)is a question not only the government should pay attention to, but also the whole of society (整個社會)。

l  to march around the Legco building (繞行立法會)/ Satyagraha walk (苦行) / Satyagraha walk across five Hong Kong districts in Hong Kong 五區苦行)They organized a 4-day campaign named Satyagraha Walk 五區苦行 across five Hong Kong districts from Sheung Shui to Legislative Council. The effects of the non-violent protest walk were felt through Hong Kong 苦行的影響遍及全港, as the mercy, patience and persistence of the Satyagraha walkers touched the heart of many Hong Kong people (苦行朋友的慈悲和堅忍感動了很多香港人). 注:Satyagraha指印度聖雄甘地的不合作主義)

l  Demonstrators alleged that police went back on a promise (背信)to allow them to march around the Legco. Demonstrators at the front asked the police to remove the barricadesrailings (前頭的示威者要求警方開路。)/ Troubles flared up among demonstrators when police told them that they could march around the Legco as long as they kept on the narrow pavement. 警察說繞行立法會的遊行人士必須在狹窄的行人道上走,導致羣情洶湧。

l  We are all prisoners of our personal history.

l  Spirits were high and there was a sense of camaraderie (戰友情) among the sit-in (靜坐) demonstrators.

l  La Marseilles 馬賽曲 L'Internationale 國際歌

l  crowd management 人潮管制

l  Riot police moved in. 防暴警察開入

l  The Government tried to demolish a village to make way for a high speed train maintenance yard.

l  “No moving; no demolition” 不遷不拆

l  dialogue對話

l  marginalize邊緣化

l  terminus總站

l  recalcitrant adj);recalcitrance n (不肯接受改變;死不侮改)The Government is recalcitrant as they are in a strong position to make Hong Kong people to obey orders. (政府自以為強勢,可以迫市民屈服,死不悔改 To this day, the government is still recalcitrant on the Choi Yuen Village issue.

l  Police tried unsuccessfully to remove the sit-in protestors forcibly用武力地.

l  Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link 廣深港高速鐵路

l  land resumption 收地

l  non-indigenous resident 非原居民

l  transport hub 運輸樞紐

l  express rail link高鐵/the rail funding 高鐵撥款

l  The Choi Yuen Village residents’ concerns are sentimental and livelihood factors rather than compensation.  In response to the villagers' demands, the Government has offered them monetary compensation as well as the choices of resettlement at a public housing estate (上樓), or moving to land in the vicinity to continue with farming only under conditions too strict that the villagers wouldn't bother with them.

l  The Government’s statement that Cheng Yu-wah had considered having a dialogue with the demonstrators but dropped the idea on police advice was unwarranted 難有實據的.

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