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Useful words and expressions

1.          breathalyser test 酒精測試

2.          traffic detour 交通改道

3.          a traffic black spot 交通黑點

4.          a route 1A KMB bus 九巴1A號巴士

5.          a KMB double-decker 九巴雙層巴士

6.          travel southbound/northbound along ABC Road ABC 路南線/北線行駛

7.          Nathan Road southbound between Granville Road and Cameron Road 彌敦道南行介乎加連威老道及金馬倫道的一段

8.          taxi pick up/drop-off points 的士上落客點

9.          clearway 的士禁區

10.      paratransit輔助客運

11.      vehicle examination 車輛檢驗

12.      traffic conditions 交通實況

13.      public transport enquiry service 公共交通查詢服務

14.      motorist 駕駛者

15.      tunnels traffic 隊道交通

16.      road traffic information 道路交通資訊

17.      electric road pricing 電子道路收費

18.      traffic census 交通統計

19.      green minibus 綠色專線小巴

20.      red minibus 紅色小巴

21.      vehicle examination 車輪檢驗

22.      shared taxis 共用的士

23.      unveil details 介紹計劃詳情

24.      discuss follow-up issues with 與…討論後續問題


Useful sentences

General 一般情況

25.      Road traffic accidents are common occurrence in Hong Kong.道路交通意外在香港時有發生。

How the accident happened 意外如何發生

26.      A double-decker bus, which was carrying 80 passengers, turned over while negotiating/making a left/right turn into ABC Street.  一輛載有八十名乘客的雙層巴士在左/右轉駛入ABC街時翻倒。

27.      A train lost control and turned over. 一輛電車失控翻倒。

28.      An old man was knocked down by a private car.一名長者被一輪私家車撞倒。

29.      A taxi bumped into a private car.的士從後撞上私家車。

30.      The scene of the accident was at first crowded with many onlookers, but they were soon dispersed by the police.意外現場起初擠了很多圍觀者,但警察很快叫他們散開。

31.      A bus mounted the kerb and crashed into the frontage of a congee shop on the road. 一輛巴士駛上行人道,撞到一家粥店的鋪面。

32.      A traffic policeman was directing the traffic.一名交通警在指揮交通。

33.      ’How could we avoid the accident?  We just sit in the bus but it suddenly oversped,' a woman passenger said. 一名女乘客說:「我們怎避得過這意外?我們坐在巴士裡,它突然超速。」

34.      A reporter with the Oriental Daily first arrived at the scene and captured the rescue operation by taking on-the-spot pictures.東方日報的記者首先到場,拍下現場照片捕捉救援工作情境。

Accident Scene(意外現場)

35.      The accident scene became a hectic and chaotic place with a lot of things going on.意外現場亂成一片,很多事情在一起進行

36.      The situation was fearful and overwhelming.  The traffic was detoured.  The police officers endeavored to restore a sense of safety.情況可怕、懾人。交通改道。警察努力恢復安全的感覺。

37.      It was a touching scene.  A woman in tears was holding her injured baby.  Several less injured passengers tried to help other seriously injured victims, and nearly all passers-by rushed to their rescue.  Ambulance men soon arrived and sent the injured to hospital.情境令人感動。一名婦人抱着受傷的嬰兒,泣不成聲。數名受輕傷的乘客想幫助受重傷的,幾乎所有途人都衝前援救他們。救護員很快到達,將他們送院。

38.      Police officers were helping accident victims.警察幫助意外受害人。

39.      The flow of traffic at the scene came to a halt.交通流戈然停下。

40.      Long queues of vehicles were quickly formed.很快大擺車龍。


41.      Some of the less seriously injured sat on the road and received first aid.一些受傷較輕的乘客坐在路旁接受急救。

42.      Ambulances and firemen rushed to the scene. 救護車和消防員趕到現場。

43.      Ambulance men began to move seriously injured passengers from a minibus – some of whom were unconscious. 消防員將重傷的乘客搬離小巴-有些已昏迷。


44.      A 17-year-old female passenger died and several others were injured. 一名17歲女乘客死亡,另外數人受傷。

45.      A seventy-year-old male passenger was rushed/taken to hospital for treatment, but later certified dead. 一名七十歲男乘客送院治療,其後證實死亡。

46.      The female driver suffered minor head injuries and was discharged after treatment.女司機頭部輕傷,治療後出院。

47.      Two passengers were undergoing surgery; five passengers were in a critical condition; four are in stable condition and 15 were discharged from hospital after treatment.兩名乘客正接受手術;五名情況危殆;四名情況穩定;十五人接受治療後出院。

Causes of Accident(意外原因)

48.      A driver with a probationary driver’s license was caught for driving without a valid driving licence/speeding.一名新牌司機因無牌駕駛/超速駕駛被逮。

49.      Local driving standards are poor, as are the road conditions. 本地駛駕水平低落,道路情況不堪。

50.      Fatigue/tiredness of the driver is one of main causes of road accidents. 司機疲勞是道路意外的主因之一。

51.      Motorists falling asleep at the wheels cause most of the accidents.多數意外的起因是駕駛者在駕駛時睡覺。

52.      A taxi picked up/dropped off a passenger at clearway restrictions. 的士在禁止上落客貨區上/落客。

53.      A minibus driver was caught for trying to pick up a passenger in a place where special prohibitions apply.小巴想在禁區上客被逮着。

54.      According to eye-witnesses, the bus was travelling at high speed when it overturned. 目繫者說,巴士翻倒時超速駕駛。

55.      The motor-cyclist driver has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving causing death. 電單車司機涉嫌危險駕駛導致他人死亡被捕。

56.      A breathalyser test conducted on the driver showed that he had not been drinking. 酒精測試顯示司機沒有飲酒。

57.      The private car suddenly changed lanes and caused the collision. 私家車突然轉線導致意外。

After the accident(意外之後)

58.      A police checkpoint/roadblock was set up.警方架起檢查站/路障。

59.      Police were still investigating the cause of the accident.警方仍在調查意外起因。

60.      Human errors seem to be the main cause of the traffic accident I witnessed.我目擊的意外,主要是人為錯誤導致的。

61.      I think the Government should conduct an investigation to see what improvements can be made to prevent similar accidents from occurring. 我認為政府應調查事件,作出改善,防止同類事件重演。

62.      The press subsequently reported that the bus company offered compensation of HK$100,000 to each injured passenger. 報章其後報道,巴士公司提出向每名受傷乘客賠償十萬元。

63.      A Transport Department spokesman said that the design of the road at the accident scene conformed to international standards. 運輸署發言人說,意外現場的道路設計符合國際標準。

64.      The Chief Executive extended his condolences to the family of the dead passengers. 行政長官向死難乘客的家屬致悼。

Lesson to be learned (教訓)

65.      Care should be taken when driving.應小心駕駛。

66.      Taxi pick-up and drop-off points should be provided at convenient locations.應提供方便的地點讓的士上落客。

67.      Traffic signs and road marks giving clear traffic directions should be erected.應樹立交通標誌和路標,提供清楚的交通指示。

68.      I think drink-driving was the cause of the accident. This accident brings home the message that we should always act responsibly not only to ourselves but also to others in everything we do.我認為酒後駕駛導致這次意外。這次意外帶出強烈訊息,我們做任何事情,不單要對自己負責,也一定要對他人負責。

69.      The most important lesson to be drawn from the accident is that one should never drive when one is tired or drunk.意外的最重要教訓是:疲勞或酒後切勿駕駛。  


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