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John | 2nd Aug 2009, 10:27 AM | 會考英語Paper 2 (Listening and Integrated Skills) | (4039 Reads)
2008 會考英語English Language – Paper 2 – Task 5 24 marks

l   Tape 的男聲說:“…and it seems to me the ideas can be grouped under several headings. So far I got food, exercise and body, and attitude.” 這是在試題寫明之後再次提醒考生要將資料分類放。

l   這條一部分考你能否掌握 Data File P.5Introduction, food…等五個項目,將從Tape, Junior PostHong Kong Post收集的資料放到這五個項目中。

l   有一些pointtapedata file重覆的,有其中一點即可。

l   計分:Task fulfillment 12 marks (如你五個部分都寫了points並最少有20points,全取12marks,五個部分都寫了points但只有17points,取10 marks,四個部分寫了points並最少有14points,取8 marks;寫了三個部分並最少有10points6 marks;兩部分6points4 marks。只寫了一部分並最少有3points 2 marks。)Language – 5 marksFormat and style – 5 marks; coherence – 2 marks(和Task 4比較,Task 4的資料搜集分佔22分其中15分,Task 5的資料搜集分只佔24分的12分,因為Task 5要寫article而並非寫point form,更重視Language, format +stylecoherence等寫作分。)

l   Language5 marks)要高分需要句子結構多變、準確。Format + style 5 marks)要取高分需要整篇文章都知道讀者是誰,用適當的語氣和特色寫。Coherence2 marks)要你將點子(ideas)合邏輯地串連到各段。

l   考評局說:(a)考生弱於將資料正確分類(categorize data)(例如將aromatherapy oil 放在food的一段,見oil就以為食得);(b)不擅於將資料改寫(rephrase data),本文要用yousimple present tense。有考生沒有將代名詞轉回youyour;(c)組織力弱,不分青紅皂白地用connectives,例如將“don't worry too much”“choose positive friends”不合邏輯地連起來。

I. Introduction

1.          mention the result (of) the survey: students feel that they are not good learners// they do not live a healthy lifestyle // they do not know how to improve their learning power

TAPE的女聲說:“We can include the survey results in the introduction.”“The survey shows that most students of the school don't feel that they are good learners and they don't know what to do to help themselves.

Data File P.3survey results有三點,TAPE說了兩點,剩下的一點是I live a healthy lifestylestudents do not live a healthy lifestyle

2.          mention suggestions given (in the article)

Hong Kong Post: “However, recent studies have shown that…The brain retains its ability to grow and develop throughout our entire lives, and even a few days of doing something new can literally change our brains.”

II. Food, drink and meal (F)

3.          eat food which helps build the brain//eat nuts, eggs and bananas

TAPE先說後面的Attitude,然後轉回這裡的FoodTAPE給的線索是女聲說:“What's the other heading again. Oh yes, food.

男聲:“Eat fish.

Junior Post:“I also try to eat food that helps build the brain, such as nuts, bananas and eggs.

4.          drink water

Tape 的女聲說:“It's important to drink water too”

5.          eat breakfast

Junior Post: “Another thing is to make sure that you eat right, especially breakfast.”

6.          avoid (eating food with) too much sugar/too much fat/artificial colouring in food

Junior Post: “I avoided artificial colourings in food.”

Hong Kong Post: “Eating too much sugar or too much fat has a negative effect on brain performance.” (留意avoided一定要轉回present tense即無ed,因為你和給別人意見。)

7.          avoid soft drinks

Tape 的女聲說:soft drinks are just forms of sugar and other things that are bad for your brain”

III. Exercise and Body (B)

8.          get 10-15 minutes of exercise regularly /every day // walking

Tape Food轉到這裡,女聲說:What about exercise and body?”男聲說:“Okay, go for a walk.

Hong Kong Post: “Get 10-15 minutes of exercise every day

9.          make rhythmic movements // dance and march

Junior Post: “My tip for increasing learning power is movement.  If the movement is rhythmic, like dancing or marching, it helps…”movement這個字提示這條資料要放到Exercise and Body)(留意:這條資料要用make或其他方法rephrase

10.      sit up straight // do not slouch in your chair

Junior Post: “It's also important to sit up straight.  If you slouch in your chair it really does affect your thinking.” (留意:slough之後要rephrase,但若你寫了sit up straight但不寫slough也有相同分數。)

11.      use both sides of your body // try doing things with your left hand if your are right-handed

Junior Post:“Use both sides of your bodyif you are right-handed, try doing things with your left hand.”

12.      get enough sleep // rest // sleep 7 - 8 hours every night

(這條的分類有點轉折)TAPE的一女聲説:“It is important to get enough sleep.  Do we need a new heading for that too? ” TAPE的另一女聲説:“…we can put it under the exercise and body”。女聲又說:“Exercise should include rest too.

Hong Kong Post: “Not getting enough sleep can decrease your performance on mental tasks by 35%.  We need 7-8 hours every night.”

IV. Attitude (A)

13.      believe in yourself // look for evidence of your success

Tape開始後不久女聲說:Attitude, you mean like believing in yourself?”(很多同學忽略了,TAPE特別說Attitude,是提示之後的數點要放在Attitude這欄。我怎知有Attitude這欄?在事前的準備時間看Data File第五頁是有的,若在準備時間沒有留意,你聽時又沒注意這裡說的Attitude這個字,分資料便容易分錯。

Hong Kong Article: “One study showed that people who believed they were smarter actually performed better.  To help us believe in ourselves, we should look for evidence of our successes, not focus on failure.” (要轉pronouns,你在給人意見,用you不用people也不用we

14.      stay flexible // be open to new ideas // be willing to change your minds

Hong Kong Article: “It's important to stay flexible. People who are open to new ideas and willing to change their minds are more likely to keep their minds in good condition as they get older. ” (留意and willing後面的都不用寫。)

15.      stay calm

Tape 的男聲說:and also staying calm (要rephrase,全部用simple present tensestaying轉成stay.

16.      don’t worry too much

Tape 的男聲說:One point I am going to put in is that people should not worry too much

17.      choose positive friends

Tape 的女聲說:“You should also tell people to choose positive friends(留意,tell people要改掉。)

18.      laugh more // relax

Hong Kong Post: “We all need to relax, and laugh more.”

19.      stay curious about the world around you // practice asking why

Hong Kong Post:“Stay curious about the world around you – practice asking “Why?”

20.      try to consciously look for connections between the different things you learn

Hong Kong Post:“Try to consciously look for connections between the different things you learn.

V. Environment

21.      spend some time outdoors (everyday) // get fresh air and sunshine

Tape 的女聲大聲說:“Environment”,表示轉到這裡。“Everyone should try to spend some time outdoor every day”又説“fresh air and sunshine are good for you.”男聲說:“Okay, I put it in.  Spend some time outdoors everyday.”(I put it in等於告訴你照抄以下的Spend some time outdoors everyday勝過用較早前女聲所說的try to…因你要刪除try to

22.      keep your room temperature cool

Hong Kong Post:“Keep your room temperature cool, but not cold.”(留意but not cold不用寫了,寫了白化時間。)

23.      use aromatherapy oils // smell the scent of lemon / mint / basil

Junior Post: “…using aromatherapy oils.  Just smelling the scent of lemon, mint or basil can help your brain to focus.”-ing form一律改回simple present tense,全篇如此,比較簡單快捷。你很有信心搞花巧則作別論。)

24.      paint the walls pale green or yellow // look at something green or yellow

Hong Kong Post: “Studies have shown that people can concentrate better if the walls are painted pale green or yellow or if they have something green or yellow to look at. (if the walls are painted pale green or yellowpaint the walls pale green or yellow theyyouhave something green or yellow to look atlook at something green or yellow

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