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John | 30th Sep 2010, 23:36 PM | 職業英語(2) | (4981 Reads)


l   What’s the schedule today?


l   I’ve arranged for an interpreter to be present at the meeting. (我已經安排了傳譯員。)  

l  I’ve arranged for a flip chart stand, an overhead projector and/or a beam projector, a white screen, a television set and video player, paper and markers.

l   Be sure you have flip charts, markers, an overhead projector, transparencies(用於overhead projector的透明膠片), transparency markers, relevant videotapes, and a lap-top computer and any relevant facilities.

l   Where shall the guests be received before the meeting begins? (開會前我们在哪裡接待来賓?)


John | 30th Sep 2010, 17:09 PM | HKDSE英文科Paper 2 | (4378 Reads)

談兩點:(1)文章的過渡(transition);(2)橋詞(bridge word






John | 30th Sep 2010, 13:29 PM | HKDSE經濟科 | (4014 Reads)
Answer all questions.  Answers with explanations are provided at the end. (閱讀全文)

John | 30th Sep 2010, 03:29 AM | HKDSE英文科練習 | (3621 Reads)

This is an exercise adapted from a real-life advertisement.


John | 29th Sep 2010, 01:46 AM | HKDSE經濟科 | (3662 Reads)

HKDSE 有一段關於效率與公平(Efficiency and Equity)的課程。


關於效率與公平, 很多人接受Professor Mankin的說法。Mankin認為,“People Face Trade-Offs”(人面對取捨),efficiency equity 也是取拾的一種。


Another trade-off society faces is between efficiency and equity. Efficiency means that society is getting the maximum benefits from its scarce resources. Equity means that those benefits are distributed uniformly among society’s members. In other words, efficiency refers to the size of the economic pie, and equity refers to how the pie is divided into individual slices. (N. Gregory Mankin, Principles of Economics)


根據上文的觀點,efficiency 指社會從稀缺的資源取得最大的好處,是「餅有多大」的問題;equity指好處如何均勻地在社會成員之間分配,是「餅如何分」的問題。




John | 28th Sep 2010, 08:08 AM | 職業英語(2) | (4229 Reads)

l   I’d like to book a single-room with shower for one night.(我想預訂一個帶淋浴的單人房間,住一個晚上。)


l   Have you got a room for the 10th/the top floor?(你們10樓/頂樓有空房嗎?)


l   How long are you going to stay?(你打算住多久?)


l   Could I have your name and contact number?


John | 28th Sep 2010, 06:41 AM | 英語表達 | (825 Reads)
分享一些習語(idiom,由a pack of lies談到win by a head  (閱讀全文)

John | 27th Sep 2010, 09:30 AM | 職業英語(2) | (13831 Reads)

l   Could I speak to Mr. Morrison, please?(請找Mr. Morrison聽電話)

l   Is Eason in?Eason在家嗎?)

l   I’d like to talk to Mr. Green in the Operation Division.

l   Will you give me extension 200?

l   Extension 200, please.


John | 27th Sep 2010, 03:42 AM | HKDSE通識教育科 | (1702 Reads)

To monitor the performance of the Government, the Legislative Council has established 18 panels to deliberate on issues relating to specific policy areas. Members of the public can send their views directly to the Panel concerned at the email address listed below.


(Question: Without genuine universal suffrage and abolition of all functional constituencies, how can the Legislative Council effectively monitor the performance of the Government?) 


John | 26th Sep 2010, 20:43 PM | 職業英語(1) | (25703 Reads)

What name shall I say? (你怎麽稱呼?)
May I have your name please?(能告诉我您的名字吗?)
I’m sorry. I didn’t catch your name. Is it Dorothy?(對不起,聽不清楚你的名字,是Dorothy嗎?)


John | 26th Sep 2010, 11:13 AM | 英文文法 (2) | (2141 Reads)





John | 26th Sep 2010, 09:41 AM | 中國學術、歷史+創作小故事 | (7093 Reads)
語譯是錢穆教授的作品。Black色的譯文是劉殿爵教授的作品。Pink色的譯文和評論是Charles Muller的作品。 (閱讀全文)

John | 25th Sep 2010, 22:12 PM | HKDSE英文科Paper 3 | (2602 Reads)

Paper 3 Task 8 of the HKDSE sample papers reads: 

Write a brief profile of each of the participants in ‘Flatmates’ for the Cableline magazine.  Refer to the notes you made on page 2 and information from page 12 of your Data File. 

Data File page 12:

Flatmates profiles
For the Cableline magazine, can you write a profile of each of the participants in ‘Flatmates’.  Be honest about their good and bad points and remember to elaborate with examples of their behaviour.


1. Page 12 just tells you to elaborate both good and bad points with examples.  All information for completing the task is contained in the recording.

2. This is a ‘Section 2’ task.  It carries 15 marks, of which 8 marks are for content and 7 marks for writing skills, as detailed in the following table: 
Content8 marks

Writing skills7 marks

11-14 points to be includedLanguage5 marksReadability & coherence2 marks

(1) a good range of accurate sentence structures;

(2) grammatically accurate

Good flow with clear links between ideas
The tapescript is set out below as four separate parts.  The relevant words and lines are highlighted in yellow.  Each part is followed by a suggested answer.   (閱讀全文)

John | 25th Sep 2010, 22:12 PM | HKDSE英文科Paper 2 | (2327 Reads)

Paper 2 Part A requires you to write a short, guided composition of about 200 words.  You will be provided with the situation, the purpose, and some information for writing. 

Following is an example. 

You are Chris Wong, chairman of the Photographic Society of your school.  The Society is responsible for organizing the school’s entry to the Hong Kong Inter-School Photography Festival.  The project had been going well until the School General Office announced that the mid-term examination will be held two weeks in advance of the original schedule.  Many students who at first agreed to join next Monday’s filming activity as photographers/cast members then pulled out due to examination pressure.  Write a circular of about 200 words to seek their support and participation.  Please also re-state in the circular (i) the date and venue of the filming activity; (ii) the persons whom the photographers/cast members should contact for the activity.


John | 25th Sep 2010, 00:27 AM | HKDSE經濟科, 學習技巧與資源 | (1180 Reads)
有人認為,我們學習的時候,會(自覺或不自覺地)走過一個叫SOAR的過程: (閱讀全文)

John | 24th Sep 2010, 08:00 AM | HKDSE通識教育科 | (1605 Reads)

甚麽叫「可持續發展」?「可持續」不是指「在我們這一代可以持續」,而是指「在滿足我們需要的同時,沒有損害後代滿足其需要的能力」(development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.) 


從上文可以看出,sustainable development中的development,指的是「滿足需要」。




John | 23rd Sep 2010, 12:51 PM | HKDSE經濟科 | (8013 Reads)

Answer the following MC questions.  Answers with short explanatory notes are provided at the end.


John | 22nd Sep 2010, 00:42 AM | HKDSE通識教育科 | (5844 Reads)





John | 21st Sep 2010, 17:09 PM | HKDSE經濟科 | (1189 Reads)

Answer the following MC questions.  Answers with short explanatory notes are provided at the end.


John | 21st Sep 2010, 02:52 AM | HKDSE英文科Paper 3 | (12427 Reads)
As you may be aware, there are a variety of genres to be tested in Paper 3.  Here are 50 useful opening sentences for them. (閱讀全文)