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John | 28th Sep 2009, 00:24 AM | 會考英語Paper 1B (Writing), 英語表達 | (4323 Reads)

換個角度看寫得更好(Change your point of view and write better



John | 27th Sep 2009, 21:03 PM | 英文文法 (1) | (2325 Reads)


l   Vivian Chow is very fond of cats. (周慧敏很愛猫。) 

l   That song is so reminiscent of my puppy love days with Yoyo.(聽見這歌,就想起我和Yoyo初戀的歲月。) 

l   The position of Chief Justice is symbolic of the judicial independence vital to Hong Kong’s success. (首席法官一職,象徵香港賴以成功的司法獨立。) 

l   Is Lee San San, winner of the first-ever Olympic gold medal for Hong Kong, the most iconic of Hong Kong sportsmen? (替香港赢得首面奧運金牌的李珊珊,是香港最具象徵意義的運動員嗎?)


John | 27th Sep 2009, 16:58 PM | 英文文法 (1) | (15219 Reads)

1.          An infinitive is the word to followed by the simple present form of a verb. (動詞現在式加toinfinitive

Ø   When the infinitive follows some verbs as the direct object, the to may be droppede.g. He helped write the program. Infinitive 如跟在help等動詞之後作直接動詞,to可省去。)

2.          An infinitive phrase serves as a noun, adjective, or adverb. (不定詞片語可用作nounadjective adverb,見以下例子)

3.          An infinitive phrase is an infinitive plus an object, and/or modifiers. (不定詞片語=不定詞+受詞及/或修飾語,見以下例子)

In the following examples, the infinitive is italicized and the infinitive phrase is underlined. (在以下各例,不定詞斜體,不定詞片語劃了底線。) (閱讀全文)

John | 26th Sep 2009, 04:22 AM | 英文文法 (1) | (4304 Reads)

l   Verbals (由動詞來的詞) are words that derive from verbs but serve other purposes in the sentence. Verbs 變出來的詞叫VerbalsVerbals動狀詞,動狀詞貎似動詞,因為帶有點動作的意思,但動狀詞不是動詞,在句子中用作形容詞、名詞、副詞等。)

l   The three kinds of verbals are: gerunds, participles, and infinitives. 

l   Verbals + other words = verbal phrases, and we have gerund phrase, participial phrases, and infinitive phrases.  We deal with participles and participial phrases this time.      


John | 26th Sep 2009, 04:07 AM | 英文文法 (1) | (14974 Reads)

l   A participle is a verb that serves an adjective. (分詞是用作形容詞的動詞。)

l   The two kinds of participles are: the past participle, which usually end in –ed or en, And the present participle ends in -ing. (分詞有過去分詞和現在分詞。)


We have all kinds of medical incidents, such as loss of the deceased’s body, misidentification of infants, wrong administration of drugs, and operation on a wrong eye and a wrong patient, to name just a few. 



John | 23rd Sep 2009, 07:26 AM | 法律英語 | (356 Reads)
On 10 September 2009, former managing director of Morgan Stanley Asia Ltd (Morgan Stanley), Mr Du Jun, was found guilty of insider dealing in $86 million worth of shares of CITIC Resources Holdings Ltd (CITIC Resources) during an acquisition deal in 2007. (閱讀全文)

John | 22nd Sep 2009, 07:09 AM | 新聞英語 | (357 Reads)

電視新聞近日每天都長篇報道十一操演的準備工作,如日中天的中國,民主法治在望了,於是到Yahoo News瀏灠。 (這裡有一個searchbox,可以打進keyword搜尋你想看的新聞。)


 French tourist injured in Beijing knife attack (閱讀全文)

John | 20th Sep 2009, 06:24 AM | 職業英語(1) | (3170 Reads)

l   A chronological CV has the most familiar layout.  (時序履歷表是最通行的履歷表。)

l   You may start from the present and work back in time or begin at the start of your career and work forward in time. (逆時序寫或者順時序寫都可以,前者較通行。)

l   The following sample may be useful if you have a short work record. (工作經驗較少的可考慮用以下的sample修改。)


如使用收集的expressions,部分須在前面加上「a」或「an」,例如收集的是smoke-free Hong Kong,使用時要改成a smoke-free Hong Kong (閱讀全文)

John | 19th Sep 2009, 07:16 AM | 會考英語練習 | (1732 Reads)

Answer the following questions, which are adapted from the past papers of 2006 – 2008.


John | 18th Sep 2009, 17:19 PM | 會考英語Paper 2 (Listening and Integrated Skills) | (2287 Reads)

會考英文2007 Paper 2 Task 6要求考生以President of the Photography Club的身份寫一封家長和特別嘉賓邀請函。

這信要寫的內容,試題要求考生看Data File page 3。那頁有個chart,提供一些資料,又空了一些資料。這種出題方式近年很常見。

那個chart要求的其實是(1 introduction (要找三點);(2What to do and see at the exhibition Data File有類似字眼,是線索);(3 The talks: speakers / time / titles see Winnie’s note (即要你在Data File找出Winnie’s note來理解);(4 Charity; 5 Ending

題目說:You will find all the information you need in the Data File and on the recording. 誠如我在You will need to use information from your notes and the Data File. 這句話考你甚麽?一文所說,這條要求從整個Data File找資料,範圍很廣。 (閱讀全文)

John | 18th Sep 2009, 15:31 PM | 職業英語(1) | (29402 Reads)



        I am writing to you on behalf of

        We are members of the school club/students of

        As members of, we are greatly interested in/concerned about

        We request the honour of your presence at…

        We request the pleasure of your company at…


John | 18th Sep 2009, 09:54 AM | 閱讀分享 | (380 Reads)





John | 18th Sep 2009, 07:56 AM | HKDSE通識教育科 | (906 Reads)

以下文章轉載自網誌Alone in the Fart,其中題為高考/會考的數篇文章都不妨一讀。

20090528 星期四




John | 18th Sep 2009, 04:30 AM | 會考英語Paper 3 (Speaking) | (905 Reads)

Making generalizations

l   I’m inclined to…

l   I’m not inclined to…

l   I tend to…

l   I tend not to…

l   In most cases, …

l   In my opinion, …

l   Generally (speaking), …

l   On the whole, …


John | 18th Sep 2009, 04:05 AM | 會考英語Paper 3 (Speaking) | (633 Reads)

Interrupting (插話)

l   Excuse me, can I say something here?

l   Excuse me, but

l   Sorry, I’d like to add something here, if I may.

l   Sorry, I have a point to make here.

l   Sorry to interrupt, but...

l   May I say something here?

l   May I just add something here?

l   If I might just make a suggestion...

l   May I come in at that point?

l   Sorry to interrupt, but I would like to say that…

l   Sorry for interrupting you, but…

l   Wait a minute!Hold on!


John | 18th Sep 2009, 04:01 AM | 會考英語Paper 3 (Speaking) | (661 Reads)
Asking for clarification (要求別人澄清) (閱讀全文)

John | 18th Sep 2009, 03:52 AM | 會考英語Paper 3 (Speaking) | (657 Reads)
Inviting feedback (請別人回應) (部分句子和inviting opinion的相同)  (閱讀全文)

John | 18th Sep 2009, 03:44 AM | 會考英語Paper 3 (Speaking) | (806 Reads)


Always give a reason or propose an alternative when you disagree with another candidate.  You may introduce your counter ideas using but, because, instead, etc.